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Photo by Joyce Perkins

Photo by Joyce Perkins

A visual and literary creative, Chris Rogers began her journey as a graphic designer. Corporate and commercial promotions occupied most of her creative energy during those early years, but Rogers’ adventurous spirit led her into diverse avenues where she designed personalized glassware, ceramic tile, and the launch issue of a national magazine.

With the advent of computerized graphics and an economic downturn, she was faced with a difficult choice: either learn this new electronic design tool or choose a new career. She began looking at what that new career might be – writing and illustrating children’s books? Travel writing and photography? She tried her hand at each, and sold her photo-illustrated articles to regional and national publications, but before she was fully committed in any direction, a fire gutted her studio.

After salvaging a single drawing table from the ruins, she continued creating marketing materials for clients while seeking a new path in the literary world. Many rejections later, her stories began to win awards. A major publisher produced her suspense novels in print, electronic, and audio formats. Lauded by fans and critics, the books were translated into three languages, and the series was optioned for film.

While continuing to explore the literary venue, Chris inevitably embraced the creative form of paint on canvas, which allows her narrative flair and graphic origins to unfold in unison. While creating new canvases, she also participates in the design of her book covers. Her paintings can be found in private and corporate collections.


Gallery Representation

The Frame Gallery, Bryan, Texas

Xanadu Online Gallery, Scottsdale Arizona

Design and Illustration

Cover Illustration and Design, Death Edge 3, 2014

Cover Illustration, Emissary, 2014

Cover Illustration and Design, Death Edge 2, 2014

Cover Illustration and Design, Slice of Life, 2013

Cover Illustration and Design, Death Edge Tales, 2013

Cover and Chapter Illustrations, Create Your Own Magic for CLNC Success, 2003

Designed consumer catalogs, ads, the American Charolais Association Magazine, and corporate brochures, including one insurance brochure lauded by the client as the key to a $40 million-dollar year, 1976-1989

Designed and created silkscreens for custom decorated glassware, 1970-1973


Fiction, Nonfiction Writing Credits

Slice of Life, book 4 in the Dixie Flannigan series, 2013

Anthology: Death Edge 2: 7 Bone-Chilling Stories of Suspense, 2013

Anthology: Death Edge Tales: 7 Nail-Biting Stories of Suspense, 2012.

“Clothes Make the Magic” and “Live on Stage,” short stories in the anthology, Ghosts, edited by Lynne Gregg and Julian Kindred, published by Aakenbaaken & Kent, 2012.

Stand at the Cross Roads: A True Story of an Imperfect Woman, and Uncertain Future, and A Mission that Would Change Lives Forever, with Hilda Hellums Baker, iUnivers, 2011.

Short story, “Comes Around,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, 2008.

Nonfiction article, “A Variety of Voices,” 2003, Writer’s Digest

Suspense novel, Slice of Life, 2003, chrisrogers.com

Suspense novel, Chill Factor, 2000, Bantam Books

Suspense novel, Rage Factor, 1999, Bantam Books

Suspense novel, Bitch Factor, 1998, Bantam Books

Short story, “Invite the Devil InDeep South Writers Conference Chapbook, University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1996

Short story, “My Finger’s in the Light Socket and My Head’s in the OvenAlfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, 1996

Short play, “The Tip” produced at Stages Repertory Theatre, 1995

Short Story, “Spare ChangeAlfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, 1995

Audio Tape Program, 99 Secrets of Successful Small Business Advertising, 1987

Various nonfiction articles in national/regional publications 1987-1989

Various video programs, brochures, and other promotional materials 1980- 2000



Winner – Empire Screenplay Competition, 1997, screenplay MIRROR’S EDGE

Semifinalist – Nicholl Fellowship, 1996, screenplay MIRROR’S EDGE

Semifinalist – Writers Network Fiction Writing Competition, 1996, screenplays MIRROR’S EDGE and INVITE THE DEVIL IN

Winner – Scripwriters Houston 1995 Ten By Ten competition, stage play The Tip

Winner – (third) Mystery Writers of America Anniversary Short Story Competition, 1995, short story SPARE CHANGE

Placed (First Honorable Mention) – Deep South Writers Short Story Competition, 1995, short story INVITE THE DEVIL IN

Winner – 1992 Golden Triangle Best Unpublished Mystery Novel, WICKED STEP DAUGHTER



Member of Houston Writers Guild: www.houstonwritersguild.org

Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming

Writing Instructor, Rice University School of Continuing Studies

Writing Instructor, University of Houston Extension Program

Writing Instructor, Unboggle Your Mind private writing Master Class

Speaker at national conferences, associations, schools, and libraries

1986 Delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business