Death Edge 3

7 Teeth-Chattering Stories of Suspense

Death Edge 3

In her third deliciously terrifying anthology, Chris Rogers sets loose a crafty bunch of characters – the good, the bad, and the horrible – explicitly for your entertainment. Readers who enjoy exploring the shadows lurking at the edge of ordinary life will be captivated by the wicked humor and evil doings withing these pages. You’ll finish the book hungry for more.

7 Teeth-Chattering Stories of Suspense

A woman new to country life learns that dead things are as natural as living. – Deer Corn

A man murders his neighbor over a pair of prize-winning hogs, and a special prosecutor considers the case a slam dunk. But is it? – Nailed

When super-acute hearing makes even the faintest sounds of human existence absolutely unbearable, where do you go? – Sounds of Silence

Injuries have a way of toughening up a person and teaching how not to be injured again. – Texas Dewberries Don’t Come Easy

A burglary ring outwits the police and successfully evades capture until they cross paths with the Gray Fox Patrol. – Clowning Around

A master passing on his skill and knowledge is as natural as grass, and a serial killer is no exception. – Blades of Starlight Glen

Bullies come in all sizes, and blood-curdling vicious beats “big” any day of the week. – Hammer

BONUS: You’ll find a portion of Chris Rogers’ long awaited cross-genre thriller, Emissary, inside.

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