Death Edge 4

7 Soul-Shrieking Tales of Suspense

Death Edge 4

In her 4th Death Edge anthology, Chris Rogers visits a previous investigation team, serves up a new collection of wickedly entertaining characters, and debuts an amusingly devious story by author Chuck Brownman.

Readers who enjoy the darker side of humor, and life on the shadow’s edge, will find this collection wickedly entertaining.

For a cleverly crafted read, look no further. You’ll finish this book sorry to see it end.

7 Soul-Shrieking Tales of Suspense

When an old tree dies, it coughs up history—The Grinning Bones

No one understands the walking dead better than a new mom—If Wishes Were Nightmares

A young emissary prepares for the ultimate negotiation—Never Go Home

A mild-mannered man finds courage in a coin—The ESC Choice

Love blossoms on a beach between strange bedfellows—My Parents Were Monsters

Wherever people compete for love, money or recognition, the Death Card may be found buried in the deck—Fury

A city-bred Texas Ranger discovers once again that country towns breed eerie versions of murder—Blood Sisters

Your Free Bonus—sneak a peek at the first chapter in Here Lies a Wicked Man, a Booker Krane mystery.

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