Doug Schlatter

Doug Schlatter

Funny guy Doug Schlatter sent private eye George Haven out into the world in 2011 when Doug’s first novel, Loved to Death was published by L&L Dreamspell. George isn’t really much of a tough guy. His idea of working is sitting in his office sipping bourbon and collecting unemployment. But he has to toughen up fast to solve this case and keep himself alive.

Love, betrayal, and revenge in a sweltering city where murder knows no class or color and sex isn’t always for fun. In a deadly triangle of adultery, threesome passion, and multiple murders, George’s search for the killers leads him into high society, the black ghetto, the lesbian scene, hot women, and cold blooded murder. In the end, justice is done, but at a terrible cost.

Book Cover:Loved to Death

Book Cover:
Loved to Death

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