Paradise Cursed

Paradise Cursed

Captain Cord McKinzey, a pirate cursed in 1716 for doing a good deed, now operates his schooner, the Sarah Jane, as a cruise ship. Doomed to remain virtually ship-bound and within the Caribbean waters, Cord, 34, has reinvented himself and his ship many times over these near 300 years.

Though long despaired of every breaking his curse, he often becomes entwined in solving similar problems for his passengers, problems that require extraordinary solutions. When his new Jamaican first mate, Ayanna, confesses she has been cursed by a Bokor, Cord agrees to help her locate a powerful shaman.

The Bokor’s plan is more heinous and far-reaching than anyone suspects. The lovely Ayanna fails to mention that her mind and body are changing, taking new form as a large reptile. Even with the help of a psychic passenger, Cord may lose the people he cares for, as well as his ship, the only square footage on land or sea where pain is not his constant companion.

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