Ramp Up Tension 3 Easy Ways

Ramp Up Tension 3 Easy Ways

A reader picks up a book to become engage, intrigued, entertained. When that fails to happen, the unhappy, unengaged reader tosses that book and picks up another.

Ramp Up Story Tension 3 Easy Ways presents writers with the tools to keep a reader virtually glued to a book, unable to put down until the end. Using these clearly defined tools, any writer can create a more exciting story. Writers of genre fiction will recognize many of these techniques but will discover many more to complete their storytelling toolkit. Writers of literary works would do well to snap up this handy little guide book and study it to create fiction that’s both artfully penned and inviting to read.

For storytellers of any ilk: Never sit down to write or revise without this book in hand.

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  1. I had the good fortune to take writing classes from Chris and found her tips for tension-conflict some of the most helpful. I’m sure this little book is a gem.

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