Write the Scene 3 Easy Ways

Write the Scene 3 Easy Ways

From the opening paragraph to the final sentence, your story progresses as a string of units, each connected with the next through causal relationships. In other words, this happened then that happened is okay, but this happened because that happened is infinitely better.

These units, often referred to as scenes, usually conform to three different structures. Knowing how to construct each type of unit makes writing the story you want to tell easier. The dramatic/reflective/transition process prompts your thinking, so you’ll never have to stare at a blank page and wonder “what do I write next?” And as celebrated author-teacher Rita Gallagher often said, they line up like beads on a string. Not pearls, because pearls are alike, but like beads of varying color and size.

For your readers, the result is a story that’s ultimately interesting, exciting, and satisfying.

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